Empowering Change: Our Sustainable Fashion Movement from Copenhagen

Welcome to OUR SHIFT, a pioneering activist fashion brand hailing from the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. With a mission to reshape the fashion landscape, we offer ethical clothing that reflects sustainable principles and challenges overconsumption. Our studio in Nørrebro transforms unconventional materials and repurposes luxury fabrics into conscious styles, driving change through responsible alternatives. Join us as we lead a movement towards a more responsible, mindful fashion future.

As we weave together sustainable practices, activism, and mindful creation, we're shifting the narrative of fashion. OUR SHIFT envisions a future where every thread is woven with intention, every choice made with purpose. By embracing sustainable fashion, you're not just embracing a trend – you're shaping a legacy, leaving an indelible mark on the world we share.

Join us on this transformative journey, where every garment represents a commitment to change, and every choice carries the weight of responsibility. This is OUR SHIFT: Empowering change, redefining fashion, and weaving a sustainable tomorrow.

Shift with us, and be part of something greater.

Meet Us

The creative director of OUR SHIFT who comes up with the craziest ideas, sketches them on a piece of paper and then makes clothes from them. 

He’s an educated fashion designer with MA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and BA from Arts University Bournemouth.

The CEO of OUR SHIFT who builds on Milan’s ideas and makes business out of them. 

She graduated in Strategic Design & Entrepreneurship from the Copenhagen Business School after her BA from Charles University in Prague.


Alongside Milan and Barbora, OUR SHIFT is run by a few talented people who bring incredible ideas, skills, and energy to push the mission forward.