Upcycling workshops

Do you want a hands-on experience with sustainability? Book upcycling workshop with OUR SHIFT!

What: Participants will learn how to simply and creatively upcycle their clothes. We will introduce different ways of upcycling and assist during the process of upgrading clothes. Participants will leave with a piece of cool clothes and a new skill to upcycle their own clothes.

For whom: Your team, customers, clients, or a program for your events

Level: From beginners to advanced. We have an individual approach to each participant and can adjust our assistance to their level.

Equipment: Participant will bring their own clothes and we provide the rest of equipment (sewing machines, threads, needles, beautiful pieces of fabrics and other accessories).

Where: Our team can come to your workplace or other event venue.

Capacity: 5 - 10 people, in case of larger groups, we can create a special arrangement.

How long: Approx. 2,5 hours, but we can adjust it to your needs.

OUR SHIFT believes that upcycling is an efficient way to reduce the textile waste in the world. Join us!

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Upcycling workshop with Vans

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