OUR SHIFT is an activist fashion brand. We’re shifting the fashion industry and people’s mindsets into more responsible ones.




For the Copenhagen Fashion Week AW24, OUR SHIFT created a life-size dummy doll called OUR Activist wearing a t-shirt saying ‘MAKE LESS, THANKS’. This message is to point out that although sustainably made clothes are a good thing if they’re produced in large numbers and get landfilled anyways, it loses their purpose. We placed OUR Activist near the Fashion Week events taking place around the city to raise awareness about this issue. Later on, we released the AW24 collection of the same name.


A campaign for Roskilde Festival 2023 with 120 000 festival-goers. We made real-size wearable tents that were saying Don’t trash tents. We were walking in them around the camping area and the concert site. We had conversations with people, got weird looks as well as sympathising reactions. The impact was vast but the problem still remained. That’s why we went to the camping site on the last day and collected the abandoned tents to make clothes from them.


For the Fashionclash Festival in Maastricht, Netherlands, OUR SHIFT presented an art exhibition aimed to highlight the problem of large clothing companies burning their unsold stock of clothes. Thus the slogan ‘Stop F*cking Burning Clothes’.

Empowering Change: OUR SHIFT's Journey Towards Responsible Fashion Revolution

Warriors against overconsumption

In a world where the allure of fast fashion has led to excessive waste and environmental degradation, we stand strong as advocates for conscious consumerism. OUR SHIFT is more than just clothing; it's a rallying cry against the throwaway culture that plagues the industry.

Advocates for change

OUR SHIFT raises awareness, sparking conversations that transcend the fashion world.

Through partnerships, collaborations, and community engagement, we're spreading a message of responsibility and transformation.

Our efforts are not just about looking good; they're about feeling good in the knowledge that every choice we make has a ripple effect, shaping a more sustainable world.

Responsible alternatives

Our journey begins with our materials – an unconventional blend of creativity and sustainability. From our studio in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, we craft responsible alternatives to the status quo. Through upcycling and repurposing deadstock luxury fabrics, we breathe life into materials that might otherwise be discarded. Each piece we create is a testament to our dedication to redefining fashion, one stitch at a time.