Realized Projects

Transforming Waste into Wearables: OUR SHIFT's Sustainable Solution at Roskilde Festival

Problem: Environmental repercussions of abandoned festival tents.

Every year, dozens of tents are left behind at festivals, contributing to a growing environmental problem. These abandoned tents, often made from non-biodegradable materials, create hundreds of tons of waste.

Solution: OUR SHIFT transforms these tents into stylish, eco-friendly fashion items.

At OUR SHIFT, we're transforming the way we think about waste. Our solution to the environmental impact of discarded festival tents is upcycling them into stylish, functional clothing and accessories. By repurposing these materials, we reduce waste and create unique, eco-friendly products.

Future: Ongoing partnership with Roskilde Festival to promote sustainability.

OUR SHIFT is committed to ongoing collaboration with Roskilde Festival, focusing on promoting sustainability. We're also planning official merchandise production for 2025, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable fashion.

MOD - tailored suits store, Copenhagen

Problem: Deadstock of unsold tailored suits

MOD, a bespoke tailored suits store in Copenhagen, faced a significant issue with deadstock of unsold tailored suits. These meticulously crafted male suits and shirts sat idly, unable to find buyers due to shifting trends and evolving tastes. This deadstock not only occupied valuable space but also tied up capital.

OUR SHIFT solution: Repurposing of male suits and shirts into female clothes to cater to customers’ partners, spouses

To address this, MOD implemented the OUR SHIFT solution, repurposing unsold male suits and shirts into stylish garments for female customers. By transforming these items, MOD targeted a new market segment—customers' partners and spouses. This innovative approach breathed new life into their existing inventory and minimized waste.

Result: increase in profit and circular solution for MOD that is repeatable for any clothing company

The repurposing initiative led to a notable increase in profits as these revamped garments attracted eager buyers. Additionally, MOD pioneered a circular solution that can be replicated by any clothing company, promoting sustainability and resource efficiency in the fashion industry. This success underscores the power of creativity and adaptability in overcoming industry challenges.

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