Fashion Week is a great time of the year to show new styles and present trends for next season. But it is an event which encourages us to buy new clothes from the newest collections.

And why is this a problem?

Because it encourages overconsumption. And even though we buy a lot more clothes than we actually need, huge numbers of clothes remain unsold. The clothes that are not sold end up in landfills, get burnt, or are sent to markets of global South.


Great example is Ghana. Even though that people there work intensely on sorting, reusing and reselling the imported clothes, there are clothes of poor quality that can't be used. They either get burnt or end up on the beach and the ocean. If you swim there, you can be grasped by a large textile tentacle. Very dangerous for people and the environment too. Obviously, microplastics released from clothes are not the best for the ecosystem.*


It's time the fashion industry makes less clothes to reduce the pollution!



*resource: The OR Foundation