Two activistic campaigns worth mentioning are the Fashion Clash in 2022 that took place in Maastricht, Netherlands, as well as Copenhagen Fashion Week. Starting with Fashion Clash, this art exhibition aimed to place the Fashion Industry under the spotlight. OUR SHIFT developed the exhibition under the slogan ‘Stop F*cking Burning Clothes’ in order to raise awareness towards the disposal of textiles and materials by the industry’s producers & developers. The company’s new line of upcycled clothes bore meaning and symbolic value, this way combining fashion designing with activism.





Furthermore, the Copenhagen Fashion Week was a great opportunity to transmit OUR SHIFT’s message to one of its most predominant segments. The company created a life-size dummy doll containing the message ‘MAKE LES, THANKS’ and placed it near the events taking place around the city correspondent to the Fashion Week. Its purpose was to create engagement, capture the attention of the event go-ers and simultaneously transmit OUR SHIFT’s activistic message.